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Harmony and integration in technology!

Both by analyzing your current technological structure and considering the needs determined through the analyzes, Tecmony provides you with different technologies in order to develop your products and expand the services you offer , and acts as an intermediary and consultancy for new products to work in harmony with your existing structure and in an integrated manner.
Tecmony - Harmony of Technologies

Tecmony is a combination of [Technology & Harmony]. We combine different technologies in a harmony with eachothers for our customers. We enable our customer to meet the latest and smartest technologies.
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Enjoy Peki, a smart chatbot that uses artificial intelligence! Use the Peki Chatbot to give your customers a one-of-a-kind experience. It is rule-based, ready to use, and powered by artificial intelligence.

Peki chatbots run on the MLNET algorithm and involve language recognition, verification and correction algorithms. It makes a guess with x% probability when it is suitable for which of the classes it is trained, and directs the incoming sentence to the relevant class, if any, or to the “default” flow. Classes are 100% created by the Peki Bot administrator.

You can define the response of the artificial intelligence as a static message, or you can direct it to the streams you will create using rich media plug-ins. The help desk on pek.io provides information on the capabilities of all rich media kinds.

Artificial intelligence can parse the words in an incoming phrase that you want to understand, so it can skip a question if it also includes information you want to learn about the flow. The parsing process helps artificial intelligence correctly grasp the specific request of the client and control the flow.

Bot History function. You can historically list all the bot correspondences on a user basis.



CALLEXPER call center speech and sentiment analysis solutions both increase the efficiency of call centers and offer your customers a better quality experience.
Here are the four stages to using Callexper;


Simultaneously converts thousands of conversations into written material.


Analyzes all written information automatically and turn them into data.


Analyzes speaking performance and identifies opportunities for development.


Helps you enhance all of your customer relationship management operations with the data you will acquire.

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