What is ?

WADEsk allows you to manage and track any of your numbers as a corporate, to assign multiple customer representatives to manage one or more numbers, to send messages to them as you wish, and to start a conversation.

You can activate WADEsk in 15 minutes and start using it right away. It does not require any approval and/or paperwork processes. With WADEsk, you have the right to listen to 1 number for each received agent and send a message from this number. If needd, additional numbers can be added to an agent and/or more than one agent can be connected to the same number.

Who Can Use ?

Within your firm/team/community, you can check, view, review and manage all correspondences.
  • You can use ordinary numbers, you do not have to assign any phone or GSM line for WhatsApp.
  • If you already have an ongoing operation with a GSM number, you can register them to the System.
    • Users can continue typing over their GSM Phones if they wish, and WADEsk records all conversations.
    • Even if the conversations are deleted from the phone, they are still kept in the system.
    • You may continue to reply to customers via WhatsApp using the username and password you will assign to the relevant user at wadesk.tecmony.com by taking the relevant phones from these users.
  • You don’t have to use any numbers, if you want, you can use a single number and assign all users, the customers who will write to this number, to your users.You can respond to these clients’ emails using the allocated agent. These correspondences will not be visible to those you do not permit.
WADEsk, which offers many more features, will allow you to overcome many obstacles you face on WhatsApp.



  • 01

    WADEsk, Number Registration

    After Tecmony completes the number token process for WADesk, you will be able to use any number on WADesk as a sender and receiver.

  • 02

    WADEsk, Organization Management

    Numerous numbers can be registered and used under an organization, and under company management, a single number or a standard number block can be given to WADesk Agents

You can monitor everything that users post, get involved, annotate messages, and point customers who write to another agent

If desired, users can continue typing on their mobile phones, or they may continue typing on their mobile devices, or they can conduct all of their correspondence on the screens of WADesk.

These correspondences may be merged with Tecmony’s CALLEXPER solution, and you can use artificial intelligence to automatically regulate your workers’ correspondence scripts. You can also start an automated process in case of warning, information, and/or applicable rules.

All of these systems are supported by micro services, and depending on your choice of package competence, you may simply combine processes with various systems.



It is the Whatapp-based version of the SMS service that is sent in the traditional manner. It is a service that enables you to use a Whatsapp line that has been approved to get tokens with a QR code to deliver the message you want to your customers.

How  Works?

By scanning a QR to WASMS, much like you can read a QR from web.whatsapp.com, you can transform all communication procedures into a service like WhatsApp Business and allow many individuals in your business to use the same number.


  • It takes about five minutes to change your phone number into a service.
  • No waiting period is necessary, unlike WhatsApp Business.
  • Messages can be sent and received at your discretion. The amount of messages is unrestricted.


  • You are limited to using your cellphone number.
  • The institution’s name cannot be seen, and the only thing that can be seen is the number.
  • The number may be blocked by Whatsapp due to its own processes.



  • 01

    WASMS, Number Regisration

    You'll be able to utilize any number as a message sender with WASMS services once Tecmony has finished the number token procedure for WASMS.

  • 02

    Sending Message to Number (WASMS)

    You may quickly send a message to any selected phone number via the service method. You can access all the information as well as API document details at docs.tecmony.com.


What conditions must be met before using the

and Services? 


The customer is aware that WhatsApp LLC has complete discretion and that Tecmony facilitates WhatsApp procedures. The systems are totally powered by WhatsApp LLC's supply.


The customer is aware that in order to start a WhatsApp conversation with a contact, the other person must first provide their consent to continue receiving messages from the Customer on WhatsApp. This consent must (a) unambiguously declare the recipient's acceptance to receive messages from the Customer on WhatsApp, and (b) unambiguously identify your company.


The means of getting Consent, obtaining Consent in accordance with the laws that apply to your communications, giving notice and obtaining required consents in compliance with those laws are all solely the responsibility of the Customer. The parties are obliged to indemnify all damages that may be incurred by third parties and/or each other due to the implementation or violation of this Agreement, in proportion to their faults.


The customer is responsible for obtaining all notices, permits and approvals that are required to collect, use and share personal content and information including maintaining a Published privacy policy, and to comply with applicable laws.


The Customer must refrain from disclosing or soliciting the disclosure of anybody else's personal payment card, bank account, personal ID card numbers or other sensitive identification information in their entirety.


In situations where the distribution of health information to systems that do not meet the highest standards and requirements for processing in accordance with applicable regulations is restricted, the Customer should refrain from using WhatsApp to receive treatment over the phone or to send or request any health information.


The customer consents to refrain from sending or otherwise disclosing to another customer any information gained through a discussion with their customer.


It is not allowed for businesses, people, or groups involved in terrorist or organized criminal purposes.


It is not permitted for customers to use WhatsApp Business Products to plan or support illegal activity, including abusing or injuring people, companies, or animals in any other way, or causing physical, financial or other damage to them.


The customer shall not unfairly discriminate against people based on the features including but not limited to race, ethnicity, color, national origin, citizenship, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, marital status, disability, or medical or genetic condition, or choose among these people due to personal characteristics. The customer must comply with all applicable laws that prohibit discrimination.


The Commerce Policy shall be followed by the customer whether they exchanges ideas, offers a discount, or makes a purchase of a good or service. This also applies to any communications the customer sends in conjunction with the offer or purchase.


If a customer's primary business or purpose is to distribute, sell, offer for sale, trade, trade, or support any item or service that is forbidden by the Commerce Policies, WhatsApp LLC may forbid the use of WhatsApp Commerce Products.


The customer's communications shouldn't include foul language or sexual or nudity imagery.


The customer's access to or use of WhatsApp Business Products may be restricted or terminated at the discretion of WhatsApp LLC if the customer consistently receives negative feedback, causes harm to WhatsApp or our users, harms WhatsApp or our users, or violates or encourages others to violate our Whatsapp terms (https://www.whatsapp.com/legal/business-terms/).


If the customer is using or running a service that uses WhatsApp in violation of WhatsApp LLC's terms or rules (for example, sending unauthorized messages to a large number of people), WhatsApp LLC has the right to restrict or terminate the Customer's access to WhatsApp services.


In the event that WhatsApp LLC terminates the Customer's account due to a violation of the relevant WhatsApp Business terms or policies, we may forbid you and your company from using WhatsApp products in the future.


The Customer acknowledges and agrees that WhatsApp LLC reserves the right to completely suspend or terminate these services.


Tecmony is in any way subject to WhatsApp LLC to ensure that the service cannot continue due to such a desicion by WhatsApp LLC. In this case, the customer may decide to discontinue using the service.



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